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  It is manufactured by mixing phenolic resin with fine ceramic powder that has strong binding force, and according to composition of fine ceramic powder and phenolic resin, it can change the structure, control strength and chip discharge performance.

  It is applicable to a wide range of materials.
  Thanks to the excellent bonding force of abrasive grains, the grindability and life span are - great.
  It provides excellent machining and elasticity and gives excellent grinding surface roughness.
  Dressing is easy and simple.
  Grit Size Range : #60 ~ #325, #400(40-50㎛) ~ #2000(5-10㎛)

Centerless Wheel
CNC Tool Room Wheel
Wheel for Mold, Die and Jig
Optical Profile Grinding(OPG) Wheel
Cutting Wheel
Face wheel for HOB and Gear
Ceramic core Wheel